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Measuring spoon

Art.-No.VolumeTotal LenghIllustration
2-PP30 ml113 mm  
3-PP15,8 ml93 mm  
4-PP27 ml126 mm  
8-PP3 ml93,6 mm 
10-PP7,7 ml86,9 mm 
12A-PP9,5 ml117 mm 
17-PP4,8 ml116,5 mm 
18-PP8 ml94 mm  
20-PP5 ml89 mm 
21-PP3 ml69,1 mm 
22-PP8 ml87 mm 
23-PP9,5 ml87 mm 
24-PP21 ml85 mm  
27-PP5 ml68,5 mm  
28-PP12,9 ml117 mm 
29-PP24 ml130 mm 
30-PP25 ml108,5 mm  
31-PP19 ml124 mm  
32-PP24 ml123,5 mm  
33-PP30 ml104 mm  
34-PP30 ml77 mm 
35-PP34 ml110 mm  
36-PP3,75 ml79 mm
37-PP3,75 ml108 mm
38-PP7,7 ml116,7 mm
Art.-No.VolumeTotal LengthIllustration
3-PS16 ml94 mm  
4-PS28 ml127,5 mm  
5-PS6,5 ml72 mm  
8-PS3 ml94,5 mm  
9-PS17 ml189 mm  
10-PS8 ml88 mm   
12-PS10 ml118 mm 
14-PS17 ml158 mm 
15-PS10 ml85 mm 
17-PS5 ml118 mm   
18-PS8,5 ml95 mm  
20-PS5 ml89 mm   
21-PS3 ml70 mm  
22-PS8,5 ml87 mm   
23-PS10 ml88 mm  
28-PS13 ml118 mm  
29-PS25ml131 mm   
30-PS25 ml109,5 mm  
31-PS20 ml125 mm  
32-PS25 ml125 mm  
33-PS30 ml105 mm  

All measuring spoons can be made ​​in different colorations.

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Measuring spoons: As manufacturer we offer an extensive range

Apart from a wide range of high-quality measuring cups H&K Müller GmbH & Co. KG offers the necessary measuring spoons directly from the manufacturer. Here we benefit from our industry-specicfic experience.

For whatever purpose you need these measuring spoons: H&K Müller is the right manufacturer

The areas of application for this particular type of spoon are extremely numerous. Manufacturers from the pharmaceutical, cosmetics and food industry who use the measuring cups inevitably also require the appropriate measuring spoons. Therefore, manufacturers have to have a broad portfolio for these industries on store – and H&K Müller is the best contact. As a leader in the field of measuring cup production, we know the industry perfectly – and have almost all models, lenghts and volumes in our range.

Measuring spoons and measuring cups in different materials and colour

Depending on the material to be processed, the place of use and other individual requirements you obtain company typical measuring spoons, of course in different colours as well as from many materials. We are sure to have the right product for your requirements, too.

Please contact us – we advice you about the possibilities gladly.