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Measuring beaker

Art.-No.Volume Ø x heightIllustr.
1-PP10 ml25 / 28 x 24 mm  
3-PP25 ml11 / 33 x 63 mm  
4-PP30 ml35 / 40 / 30 mm   
6-PP30 ml29 / 33 x 47 mm  
9-PP50 ml38 / 44 x 39 mm  
10-PP55 ml37 / 41 x 48 mm 
11-PP95 ml40 / 50 x 60 mm
12-PP130 ml40 / 47 x 95 mm   
13-PP150 ml51 / 58 x 65 mm  
14-PP200 ml52 / 60 x 80 mm  
15-PP280 ml54 / 70 x 94 mm  
17-PP20 ml30 / 33 x 32 mm   
18-PP110 ml44 / 51 x 66 mm  
19-PP6 ml21 / 23 x 17 mm  
Art.-No.VolumeØ x heightIllustr.
1-PS10 ml25 / 28 x 24 mm  
3-PS25 ml11 / 33 x 64 mm 
4-PS30 ml35 / 40 / 30 mm  
7-PS30 ml21 / 23 x 90 mm  
8-PS42 ml32 / 34 x 50 mm  
10-PS55 ml37 / 41 x 48 mm 
11-PS95 ml40 / 50 x 60 mm
12-PS130 ml40 / 47 x 95 mm  
14-PS200 ml52 / 60 x 80 mm  

All measuring beaker can be made ​​of different materials and in different colorations.

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H&K Müller: one of the leading manufacturers of measuring cups

H&K Müller belongs to the leading manufacturers of measuring cups. We produce measuring cups and dosing items for the cosmetics, pharmaceutical and food industry. Filling volumes of 6 to 280 milliliters with many intermediate sizes are possible. You can request a scaling for the measuring cups. Of course, different materials and colours for the measuring cups are possible.

Custom measuring cups

An own tooling department allows us the production of measuring cups according to individual customer requirements. You decide about the size, the shape and the colour as well as further specifications and we realize your ideas. So you get a product for your needs. The service from H&K Müller includes, of course, a detailed advice to our customers. As a manufacturer of measuring cups we would like to understand your needs so that we can supply you with the product you need.

Measuring cups according to DIN

The meauring cups and measuring items by H&K Müller comply with DIN ISO 22000 for food safety. Strict hygiene standards and a careful quality management are as much a part of our corporate philosophy as an extensive customer service.