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Forward-looking due to long-lasting technology

A balance between economic success and social responsibility has been the basis of our actions for decades. Durability is the principle of our economic activity. Long-lasting economy and its long-term effects allow us to be recognized as an innovative and forward-thinking company on the market. It is important to develop new strategies for the future, where demand and resource consumption collide. Therefore, H&K Müller is particularly focused on energy and commodity efficiency. This was also the main aspect for building the new plant which was put into operation in 2008/2009.

The new property reflects the attitude in technical view, too. The entire production facility is heated with waste heat from production. The fully air-conditioned production facilities correspond to a high standard of hygiene. Rooms, machinery and moulds are cooled with deep ground water. The roof is equipped with photovoltaic and achieves a capacity of more than 400kwp. The production plant whose buildings were built in thermally insulated solid construction (reinforced concrete) works almost emission-free. Energysaving and fully-electric injection moulding machines are used in production.