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Company development by H&K Müller

In 1934, Hugo and Katharina Müller founded the company. The plastics industry was still in its infancy and pioneering spirit was required. Packaging for the local dental drill industry as hygienic substitute for wood packaging used until then, were the beginning. Production started with hand-operated piston injection moulding machines. In the following years, the new malleable synthetic substance became more and more successful showing many material advantages, too. The manufacture of plastic products in only one production process replaced materials difficult to process such as wood, metal and glass. The electrically non-conducting material had advantages in weight and was resistant to water and many chemical influences. It offered many options for the design regarding colour and surface and was printable, too. H&K Müller kept up in a rapidly growing market and was led to its current market position under the direction of Richard Müller in the second half of the 20th century.


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We are manufacturer of plastic products:

All injection moulds are designed and manufactured in our Technical Department and own Tooling. Our clients profit from more than 70 years of extensive experience. Today, the latest technology is available to realize the requirements of the customer graphically or with help of prototypes. With the view of what is possible, we support our clients in realizing their wishes and bring ideas into shape.

The processing of different plastics has always required a good deal of instinctive feel. Regularly trained mechanics for plastics technology operate over 50 modern injection moulding machines and peripheral equipment.
A qualified staff checks and packs the products after a hundred percent visual inspection. Additional samples are examined and analyzed in the Quality Department. This guarantees a permanent reproducibility, dimensional accuracy and preservation of colour. The maintenance and care of machines and tools is particularly important.

Quality assurance and certificates

The assurance of constant quality under strict conditions with defined and documented procedures has always been self-evident in our production whose solutions have to be absolutely correct when reproduced. Since 1998, we successfully meet the requirements of the certification according to DIN ISO 9001. With the move to our new location we have established building and production technology to the highest standard. As a result, we were able to fulfill the requirements for a certification according to ISO 22000 (management system for food regulations) from 2009 and implement them successfully.